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Influencer Marketing 2.0 - Get Paid to Post

Unboxed is a fully functioning technology utilized by over 100+ brands globally (spanning the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Baltics). Over 40,000 lines of code, 100s of iterations, and product pivots throughout the year have enabled company to today deliver large scale word-of-mouth campaigns that involve millions of everyday social media users. Unboxed offers the perfect cure for companies sick of wasting time and money on influencer marketing companies that rely on labour intensive processes for finding the right influencers, negotiating deals, and managing relationships. These high touch processes limit the number of social media users who can be involved in word-of-mouth campaigns and businesses usually end up working with a small group of social media users - influencers or celebrities. With blockchain and AI, we replace this small pool of influencers with millions of everyday social media users - Unboxers and enable anyone to get paid to post on social media.


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    Graduated from enterprise focused Alchemist accelerator. Raised funds from 12 angel investors.

  • 2

    Launched an MVP.

  • 3

    Launched Unboxed platform. Brands like Philips, Huawei, Nestle, Mars chose Unboxed as a trusted partner. Started to build a network of Marketing Experts.

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    Conducting campaigns in U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Norway etc.

  • 5
    2018 Q3

    - Finishing the $15M fundraising - Introduction of tokens into the platform - Platform development

  • 6
    2019 Q2

    - Introduction of blockchain oracles into the platform

  • 7
    2022 Q1

    - Becoming the go-to platform for brands looking for word-of-mouth marketing - Expanding team from 15 to 125+ professionals

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Tokens for sale382,500,000

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Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat

Distributed in ICO51%

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