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Digital Health Coin

2 years of development with a great team, already market leader with thousands of users, business customers and a strong partner ecosystem. Join us as we are set to revolutionise the way communities interact with each other, with the world’s first ever “Digital Health Currency” i.e, The Boltt Coin. We have launched a unique blockchain based online gamification platform which enables players to earn Boltt Coins for personal health, We call it the “WalkChain” that uses “Proof of Steps” to mine BOLTT COINS as you walk! Boltt Platform will also host fun tournaments & interactive peer to peer league matches/games, sponsored by brands, corporates & celebrities to reward participants with exciting prizes & BolttCoins. Bolttcoin holders will not only be able to use them to pay for tons of products , services & deals from the deceltraized marketplace ecosystem, but will also see their Bolttcoin value increase as a result of increased user base, demand and adoption of the token & its locked limited supply

  • 1
    August 2014

    Start of development os Boltt - the leading ecosystem for tracking health and fitness via wearables and mobile apps.

  • 2
    August 2015

    Founded Boltt Health App to track all in one health and fitness.

  • 3
    September 2016

    Started selling Boltt Wearables on major ecommerce platforms of India.

  • 4
    January 2017

    Boltt Becomes India's #1 Wearable Tech Brand, Boltt Coin Platform Development started.

  • 5
    May 2018

    ICO and MVP We are launching the MVP of the Boltt Coin App in India by May. Just in time for our ICO.

  • 6
    July 2018

    Introduction of Smart Contracts: Boltt SmartContracts - in line with the Smart Contracts being launched on the Waves Platform. 7

  • 7
    October 2018

    Boltt Loyalty Platform: For Retailers & employees enables merchants to link their existing Loyalty programmers to the Boltt Coins. This will be done by October 2018

  • 8
    December 2018

    Insurance Benefits: Wherein insurance Companies can reward benefits like discounts on premium in the form of Boltt Tokens to their policyholders basis their health. This will be done by December 2018.

  • 9
    February 2019

    Health and Wellness Ecosystem: in which we want to create an in App Universe of Health services, where in users will be able to pay for food delivery, Health check ups & fitness trainers in Boltt Coins.

  • 10
    April 2019

    Bills, Utility & Entertainment which includes Blockchain based mobile payments for travel, utility bills, movies, recharge & more.

  • 11
    July 2019

    Offline shops & Services for retailers and consumers. To enable Retailer Merchants to list their store online on The Boltt Ecosystem. Or enables users to Purchase good and services offline.

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PreICO price0.187

Price in ICO0.25

Tokens for sale170,000,000

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Accepting ETH

Distributed in ICO60%

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