Crypto world is a very young and nevertheless full of data. 3 years ago, we, small team of 3 friends: consultant, banker and data scientist understood this very vivid. It was already a while since we bought our first bitcoins back in 2012 and became crypto enthusiasts. We quitted our well paid jobs and founded a small company. We put at risk our career and all savings we had, because we believed in our idea and ourselves. Now, three years later, we know for sure that it was best decision we could make.

You are now at CryptoKrunch.io. From the first glance it is the same ICO ranking website as many others on the web. But it is not. Forget about our wish to build a comprehensive ecosystem starting with Wiki for the beginners and News for the believers. The thing which distinguishes us from everyone else on the Market is our Rating.

Albert Einstein once said: Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is Data Scince (obviously, he sad experience, but please forgive us). 3 years ago we started our journey of implementing Data Science into the Crypto. Since that time, we spent thousands of hours working, pivoted the idea and the company several times, we did mining, we did trading, we did investing and finally we created a Model. A Model which sounded ridiculous first: Model which had to predict ICO’s success.

The life we had, the problems we struggled and the emotions we had during this time is a topic maybe not for a book, but for a long and separate article. So, I would go straight into the point.

The main and only reason why we created this platform CryptoKrunch.io is our wish to share the findings and results we made. And the core result is our project Rating. Independent and genuine, objective, Data and Math based. Our small team worked on it for almost 1,5 years. And in parallel used Rating itself to evaluate the ICOs and find the ones which fly to the moon.

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