Chinese court counts blockchain-based evidence



Main cryptocurrency news on the 2nd of July

Main News:

  • Chinese court will accept blockchain-based evidence



Business and Finance

  • The Bank of England warned businesses about the risks of cryptocurrencies
  • Mastercard has received a patent for anonymous blockchain transaction technology
  • Binance launches its first crypto-Fiat exchange in Uganda
  • Blockchain will increase transparency of data in the field of reinsurance


Law and Legislation

  • Chinese court will accept blockchain-based evidence
  • Spain liquidated a group that earned $5 million in bitcoins on the sale of LSD in the darknet
  • During the 2018 world Cup is expected to increase the cases of hidden mining



  • German Bank opens doors for European blockchain companies
  • launched a platform for institutional investors
  • From January to may 2018 through ICO raised $13.7 billion

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