Facebook allowed crypto ads


Main cryptocurrency news on the 28th of June

Main News:

  • Switzerland creates a working group to help blockchain companies open Bank accounts


Business and Finance

  • Expedia.com has suspended accepting bitcoin payments
  • The number of cryptocurrency investors in Europe and the US will soon double
  • The Central Bank of Australia does not believe in the widespread use of bitcoin in the country


Law and Legislation

  • Us Intelligence agencies seized from darknet dealers cryptocurrency for $22 million
  • Facebook allowed limited advertising of crypto-currencies
  • China adapts cryptocurrency elements to the existing financial system
  • India is preparing to pass a bill on cryptocurrencies in July



  • The EOS Technical Director proposed to create a new Constitution for the project



  • Moscow University has used blockchain to store diplomas
  • 70% of IT solution providers for market infrastructure explore blockchain
  • The first cryptomat is installed in South Africa




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